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How We Use the Oasis XD 3000 Electric Air Compressor | Tool Tuesday
After 6 Months of using this Air compressor to run our tire truck, we thought we should share how epic this little guy is! If you need a space-saving ...
1 year ago - 2,766 views
Oasis XD3000 Air Compressor
Скорость накачки 70л.( 18gal) ресивера.
9 years ago - 7,242 views
XD3000 in use with Police
This shows the XD3000 being used by Cambridgeshire Police.
14 years ago - 1,729 views
OASIS Compressor
Наверно это первый оазис в России Производительность 450л/м 12 вольт.
9 years ago - 7,937 views
Reviews: Best 12 Volt Air Compressor 2018
Click here -- Are you looking for the Best 12 Volt Air Compressor. We spent hours to find out the...
3 years ago - 1,682 views
York compressor oasis bagged
York compressor in trunk bagged s430.
7 years ago - 1,750 views
Vanair Under Truck Air Compressors and Generators
Jim Perschke of Vanair Manufacturing shows of some of their product line to Joe Hughes of the National Ford Truck Club. As Jim said, a lot of people d...
7 years ago - 12,652 views
OASIS xD Home Video
4 years ago - 407 views
The Best Overlanding Air Compressor From Extreme Outback Installed-One Of The Fastest You Can USE!
Follow along as I review the reasons I made the switch to Extreme Outback, and why I chose this on-board air compressor over the competition. If you h...
9 months ago - 2,855 views
XD3000 located in Police Unit
This clip shows the XD3000 loctaed within a Police Vehicle.
14 years ago - 180 views
XD3000 located in Police Unit
This shows an XD3000 mobile air compressor located within a Ploice Incident Vehicle.
14 years ago - 369 views
28-006 - Compressor Novair SPC 200 - Airteco Scr20M - Oasis 1510
28-006 - Compressor Novair SPC 200 - Airteco Scr20M - Oasis 1510 More info in our web Mediterranean Stone Machines (MSM) ...
2 years ago - 87 views
Luxury Ferndale!
Crystal lighting and many custom features throughout this home! Gorgeous landscaping with fruit trees, a river, pergola and BBQ! Fully finished baseme...
1 year ago - 390 views
Oasis project.
3 months ago - 106 views
XD3000 om Tyre Fitting Vehcile
XD3000 om Tyre Fitting Vehcile.
14 years ago - 410 views
XD3000 in use by Police
This shows the XD3000 mobile air compressor in use & operated by Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
14 years ago - 442 views
XD3000 tightening wheel nits
This clip shows an XD3000 tightening wheel nuts.
14 years ago - 312 views
XD3000 in use by Police
XD3000 Mobile Air Compressor being used by Cambridgeshire Police.
14 years ago - 262 views
XD3000 Inflating a tyre
This shows the XD3000 in a tyre fitting van inflating a tyre.
14 years ago - 746 views
No Longer an Air Oasis Dealer
Sorry folks, we will no longer be carrying the Air Oasis product line. The pricing no longer makes sense as a dealer.
3 years ago - 7,360 views
12v air compressor modified with pressure switch and tank
xtm 12v compressor modified to include pressure switch built in which controls the on off buttom of the compressor. Added a 4L air tank to the setup.
11 months ago - 236 views
Extreme Outback Magnum Air Compressor Timed Inflation Test-How Fast Can It Inflate a 37" Tire?
When it comes to air compressors for off roading, people are usually interested in one thing, the speed! How fast is it? This is a simple test that sh...
8 months ago - 795 views
York Onboard Air; Endless Onboard Air Compressor
Quick demo of the the Onboard Air demonstration, with air ratchet and hydraulic jack, lifting a fire truck.
6 years ago - 2,217 views
Dobinsons 170L/Min high output Air Compressor
Dobinsons latest 170L/Min high output Air Compressor has been designed and tested in Australia to combine high volume air-flow for quick tyre inflatio...
3 years ago - 2,700 views
Sherpa Compressor review
Unboxing and first use review of the Sherpa Big Air Air compressor
1 year ago - 2,728 views
Xd3000 fill time
8 years ago - 846 views
Before and After - Oasis Online
Pastor Julian is teaching from the book of Joel in a message called "Before and After"
3 months ago - 1,707 views
fastest air suspension refill
world's fastest air management (air suspension set up) 8.5 gallons air tank 4 kinetik 2600amps ea 4 oasis compressors pump 50psi in 5sec.
11 years ago - 16,588 views
Jeep Cherokee Recovery Oasis Offroad Al Ain
Recovering a Jeep Cherokee XJ that had bogged down in soft sand. You can see how it jumps up out of the ruts created by its tyres. This video is from ...
9 years ago - 331 views

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