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The OASIS is coming to VR sooner than we thought
Ready Player One's Oasis is being developed RIGHT NOW. Steam has their massive summer sale. Oculus may struggle to start implementing ads. Several VR ...
5 months ago - 45,042 views
Best FREE Quest 2 Games Available NOW
Here are my top picks of the best free VR games and experiences available for the Quest 2. Click on any of these links, log into your account, click g...
1 week ago - 184,476 views
READY PLAYER ONE BATTLE IN VR!! Rise Of The Gunters Oasis Beta Oculus Rift Gameplay
I battle Sixers in the Oasis from Ready Player One with Nathie in Rise Of The Gunters. Rise Of The Gunters is part of the Ready Player One Oasis Beta ...
3 years ago - 142,843 views
Thank you to Oasis VR for sponsoring the video! Check them out below! Steam: Discord: ...
2 years ago - 8,656 views
Facebook Connect Livestream 2021 - Oculus Quest Pro Announcement?
The wait is over and Facebook Connect 2021 is finally here! Previously called Oculus Connect, Facebook Connect is a yearly event where Facebook share ...
1 month ago - 153,532 views
Is Resident Evil 4 Better In VR!? Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay & Review
Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2 is finally here! Resident Evil 4 VR is one of the most anticipated Oculus Quest 2 titles to release this year. Does ...
2 months ago - 192,188 views
The studio attempting to make a real OASIS virtual world
A look inside the development and community behind SANSAR Support us on Patreon: Join The VR Chatroom ...
2 years ago - 170,970 views
HTC Vive Focus 3 Review - Worth It For VR Gaming?
I get hands on with the brand new HTC Vive Focus 3 standalone VR headset. In this video, I'll unbox the HTC Vive Focus 3 and give you all the informat...
5 months ago - 283,316 views
Blade & Sorcery Nomad On Quest 2 Just Got MODS!
Blade & Sorcery Nomad on Quest 2 now supports mods! In this video I show you some popular mods including lightsabers and show you how you can install ...
1 week ago - 90,223 views
VRChat player tries Oasis VR! (Better than VRChat?...)
I have 1000 hours in VRChat, but i have been looking for an alternative for awhile now....LETS TRY OASIS VR!
5 months ago - 255 views
VR Mind Control Is HERE! And It Works!
I check out a brain computer interface device called Next Mind with the Oculus Quest 2. Next Mind is a non-invasive BCI which can read brain waves fro...
10 months ago - 1,771,358 views
Freunde finden in der Oasis - Klappt das? Oasis VR Gameplay
Oasis VR ist ein Social VR Abenteuer in VR, was gerade neu released wurde. Wir spielen das Spiel in Virtual Reality auf der Valve Index. Das Spiel ist...
2 years ago - 4,648 views
Español: Sitio oficial de Oasis: Steam: Versión para Móvil de Oasis: ...
1 year ago - 18,248 views
[OasisVR] A vrchat Alternative? Lets find out!
Download Oasis For Free: Join The Discord Server: Patreon ▻
1 year ago - 43,986 views
NOVO JOGO DE VR CHAT PARA ANDROID NÃO É VIRTUAL DROID 2 Oasis vr comece sua segunda vida
não é virtual droid 2 e você também não consegue jogar kkkkkk Oasis novo VR chat para Android.
1 year ago - 96,473 views
Find friends in the Oasis - does it work? Oasis VR gameplay
Oasis VR is a social VR adventure in VR that is totally fresh released. We play the game in virtual reality on the Valve Index. The game is intended t...
2 years ago - 12,193 views
The Climb 2 On Oculus Quest 2 - Climbing A SKYSCRAPER In VR!
I play The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest 2 in this gameplay and review video. The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest is a direct sequel to The Climb from Crytek. Does ...
9 months ago - 624,781 views
The Oculus Quest 2 Is Now The Meta Quest 2!?
I recap the key announcements made at Facebook Connect 2021. Facebook changed the company name to Meta, I share my thoughts on the Metaverse and the ....
1 month ago - 99,541 views
Stride VR Parkour Lands On Oculus Quest 2
I check out Stride on the Oculus Quest 2! Stride is a Virtual Reality parkour / freerunning action game available now on Oculus Quest & Quest 2. Order...
4 months ago - 142,826 views
New Social VR Platform! Oasis VR | VRChat Competitor? Lets Take A Look!
Enjoy the video? Consider liking and Donating to support the channel: Oasis VR: ...
2 years ago - 8,190 views
Beat Saber's Multiplayer Update Is HERE
I check out the new Beat Saber mulitplayer update on Oculus Quest 2. The Beat Saber multiplayer update is a free update to the game that allows you to...
1 year ago - 378,466 views
I Felt Gun Recoil In Virtual Reality With The ForceTube
I test out the ForceTube and feel gun recoil in Virtual Reality! This is a rumble and recoil haptic feedback module for your VR gunstock. Now when pla...
3 years ago - 823,679 views
I'm leaving the REAL WORLD for the VR WORLD (OASIS VR)
I did film this last week after surgery so that's why my face is swollen hahaha. This video is sponsored by Oasis VR. Today I get to explore their VR ...
1 year ago - 22,434 views
Oculus Quest 2 VR Covers Are HERE
I check out the brand new Oculus Quest 2 VR Cover kits. VR Cover make comfy and hygienic solutions for most virtual reality headsets available on the ...
12 months ago - 101,819 views
Oasis VR: Social VR Game - First Playthrough!
Find Oasis VR on the steam store here: Oasis VR is an online virtual world that supports cross-pl...
2 years ago - 6,473 views
GTA 5 In Virtual Reality Is AWESOME
I check out Grand Theft Auto 5 in Virtual Reality using the Valve Index! Using this free GTA 5 mod from LukeRoss00 you can now fully play GTA 5 in VR....
2 years ago - 1,412,657 views
Larcenauts Is VR's First Big Hero FPS - Review
I check out Larcenauts using the Oculus Quest 2 in this review video. Larcenauts is VR's first big hero shooter, but does it hit the target? Check out...
6 months ago - 62,742 views
How To Sideload Games On Oculus Quest 2
In this guide I show you a simple method to sideload applications and games onto your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 using SideQuest. SideQuest is ...
1 year ago - 1,112,629 views
nesse vídeo mostrei um novo VrChat para Android que lançou há pouco tempo Créditos Canal onde peguei a idéia deste vídeo ...
1 year ago - 5,710 views
Oculus Rift S Setup, Unboxing & Tips
I show you how to setup the Oculus Rift S, I also show you what comes in the Oculus Rift S box with a brief unboxing and some tips I've learned with t...
3 years ago - 1,383,460 views

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