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The Oasis- Architecture Final Review
8 months ago - 123 views
Chicago: A Land of Wilderness and Oasis | Eva Lewis | TEDxTeen
Chicago is dying. A closer look at underserved communities and how we all can fix this problem. Eva Maria Lewis is an eighteen-year-old activist and a...
4 years ago - 10,560 views
An oasis of compassion
Since 2015, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania has supported the Family Caregiver Center—one of only a few in the United States.
3 years ago - 301 views
Wansapanataym Recap: Pia gets jealous over her parents' attention towards Upeng - Episode 5
Wansapanataym 'Switch Be With You' Recap - Episode 5 Wansapanataym December 9 Episode Pia (Chai Fonacier) is nothing but excited to shop for new ...
3 years ago - 3,647,027 views
General Surgery Residency at Penn Medicine
Learn about the training program in General Surgery at Penn Medicine from current residents and faculty members. With our long-standing tradition in ....
11 months ago - 14,004 views
Ranking: Ivy League College Campuses
Ranking each Ivy League college campus by factors like architecture, food, nearby attractions, and more. No academics, just the overall feeling of eac...
2 months ago - 2,292 views
12 - Layers, part 1 | LayoutEditor Training
Working with layers, part 1. Have feedback for this course? Here's a survey to leave us feedback!
2 years ago - 416 views
Investment Banking Target Schools (Using Data)
Determining who the current investment banking target schools are using cold hard data. We look at which schools consistently get the most placements ...
2 years ago - 45,453 views
Tiffin Room Raffles Hotel 2021
9 months ago - 812 views
Desert Oasis Welcome Back Assembly 9/2/16
Desert Oasis Winter Assembly 12/15/16
Same as above.
5 years ago - 129 views
Penn Band - November 7th 2009 - Hill House at Homecoming - Free Ride
special thanks to the Mathisen family for the video!
12 years ago - 78 views
Veil Dance by Palmetto Oasis at North Charleston Arts Festival
This is a veil dance by bellydancers from Palmetto Oasis at the North Charleston Arts Festival. Choreographed by Sarah.
12 years ago - 369 views
Penn Swim Senior Banquet 2017
Michael's speech.
5 years ago - 56 views
Don't Look Back in Anger- The Pennchants
The Pennchants Sing High April 21, 2012 Don't Look Back in Anger Originally by Oasis.
10 years ago - 402 views
The Tarim Basin Mummies by Victor Mair
The exhibition Secrets of the Silk Road explores the history of the vast desert landscape of the Tarim Basin, located in Western China, and the myster...
11 years ago - 71,139 views
Autumn at Penn (11/11/2011)
Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year at University of Pennsylvania. I took this randomly one day when I was a student at University of ...
10 years ago - 123 views
Tyrone Williams reads "Save As Water"
Follow this link to watch the reading in its entirety: Follow this link to hear more of Williams's wor...
5 years ago - 55 views
Belly dancing in Philadelphia, PA @ UPENN Ancient Egyptian mususem
This event took place in the Lower Egyptian Museum and featured NJ and Philadelphia based Middle Eastern dance artist Soraya. This was a beautiful Egy...
10 years ago - 809 views
Desert Oasis Winter Assembly 12/15/16
Same as above.
5 years ago - 119 views
Session 3: Resilient Communities
56:37 Resilience Untangled: ....
6 months ago - 77 views
College Kitchen Tour
Think college cooking is all ramen noodles and cold pizza? Think again! This week we have UF Dietetics student and Therapeutic Oasis intern, Nicole Go...
4 months ago - 4 views
Hey You! What Song are you Listening to? NEW YORK
Subscribe* more videos coming soon. Asking random New Yorkers with headphones on what song they are listening to. Tracklist: 1 The Bee Gees: More Than...
11 years ago - 6,240,433 views
Surviving Pancreatic Cancer
Miggie Olsson says that when she learned she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, it felt like a death sentence. Twelve years later, she knows she's an outl...
2 years ago - 43,399 views
Video: Johns Hopkins University and Urban College Campuses
Johns Hopkins University is a leafy, parklike oasis in the metropolitan area of Baltimore, Maryland. While it is located within the city, it really do...
11 years ago - 2,266 views

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