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OASIS UCSD Research Methodology Training Laboratory Fellowship (RMTL)
Get a glimpse into the RMTL program and learn about student's experiences in the fellowship!
8 months ago - 110 views
UCSD Summer Bridge 2019 VLOGSS
2019-2020 Summer Bridge, just a gist of what you would expect when attending UCSD OASIS Summer Bridge! Thank you:)
2 years ago - 1,070 views
Empirical Formulas (Chem 6B) - UCSD OASIS MSTP
This video goes through a brief description of how to approach Empirical Formulas in a General Chemistry course at UCSD. Zach Manalo is a 3rd year stu...
1 year ago - 30 views
OASIS Electric Skateboard goes riding at UCSD
OASIS Electric Skateboard takes a tour of #UCSD campus from the dorms to the library.
6 years ago - 359 views
UCSD OASIS Summer Bridge: A Student Perspective
Learn more about Summer Bridge from current UCSD students who went through the program.
15 years ago - 3,703 views
UCSD vs UCI Analysis, Oasis (Game 1)
Was part of my Analyst application, moved to public. Timestamps of interesting stuff: -3:08 on Pharah/Mercy -8:20 dive vs. dive-resistant comps -9:40 ...
4 years ago - 14 views
UCSD Student Resources You Should Know About
Welcome to the Cognitive Science Student Association at UC San Diego, we are excited to meet you! Check out our website and connect with us on social ...
7 months ago - 97 views
Happy Fransea Friday! In today's video, we're sharing 7 things we wish we knew before we started college. By the end of this video, you'll be equipped...
3 years ago - 291 views
UCSD SummerBridge I want it that way
This was done right before i started my first year as a freshman at UCSD CLassics!
12 years ago - 282 views
OASIS Summer Programs 2017 (How To Apply)
Interested in applying for Summer Bridge or Summer Experience at UC San Diego? Follow the links below to the application website and additional inform...
5 years ago - 929 views
Happy Fransea Friday! Today we're talking all about the University of California, San Diego, also known as UC San Diego and UCSD. We are UCSD alumni, ...
3 years ago - 14,780 views
Summer & Back to UCSD | Vlog #26
HI, I'm back :') HERE ARE: - Some clips from summer 2017 -- Fair!!! -- Half Moon Bay - More clips from summer session at UCSD :c -- Tiring mornings --...
4 years ago - 237 views
Becoming A Mentor at UCSD OASIS # 1
This video is about Becoming A Mentor at UCSD OASIS # 1.
5 years ago - 232 views
Evolve & Boosted boards cruising on UCSD campus
We're a group of UCSD students who love electric skateboarding! We have 2 Evolve, 5 boosted, a m1 inboard and a skatebolt. If you're in San Diego area...
5 years ago - 1,325 views
Blum UCSD Community Stations
Visit: Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman discuss the Blum Cross-Border Initiative to promote research and practice focused on regional territories of povert...
4 years ago - 4 views
UCSD Longboard Bomb - Rimac/Hopkins Hill
Learned how to powerslide my first year at UCSD and finally conquered Voigt Dr.
4 years ago - 402 views
International Undergrad Academic Support
You have so many people here to support you as a UC San Diego student! Learn about the different offices and resources that are in place for your acad...
2 months ago - 21 views
UCSD DOC Walkout Spring 2008
In Spring 2008, several TAs in UCSD's Dimensions of Culture (DOC) writing program were suspended for allegedly not following the course syllabus in th...
14 years ago - 786 views
The "Major" Decision
There is no "right" way to choose a major. Some students begin their journey at UC San Diego with their desired major, while others are undeclared.
10 months ago - 311 views
Bill Burr On Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theories - CONAN on TBS
CONAN Highlight: Bill explains why the COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theory doesn't make sense. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the ...
6 months ago - 3,326,585 views
Neuromodulation: Diagnosis and Therapy for Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders
16:00 - Start of Presentation - Shadi Dayeh, 32:45 - Q&A) Researchers are exploring the exciting possibility that electrical stimulation of nerve cell...
8 months ago - 4,843 views
UCSD Sun God Festival 2016
UCSD Sun God Festival 2016: The thirty-fourth annual University of California San Diego Sun God Festival. The festival is held in April at UCSD's RIMA...
6 years ago - 3,933 views
The UCSD Big Data Freeway System
Visit: For UCSD to remain competitive in the face of the exponential rise in Big Data, a new campus-wide "Big Data Freeway S...
8 years ago - 91 views
VSA by Night - UCSD girls
15 years ago - 2,053 views
From Pines to Warren on a skateboard UCSD
I refuse to sit down and eat like a loner. So I just eat on the skateboard from the dinning hall back to my apartment. Btw, I usually always catch my ...
9 years ago - 5,371 views

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