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Interviewing UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May
Gauruv Virk interviews UC Davis Chancellor, Gary S. May, about all things Davis Created by Gauruv Virk ▹ instagram:
2 months ago - 1,069 views
How to Create an Academic Plan
Our International Advisor, Jordan Dade, guides students through the process of creating an academic plan in OASIS. She covers the value and planning o...
1 year ago - 1,064 views
New Student Advising Webinar for Managerial Economics majors
Join the UC Davis advisors to learn more about the managerial economics majors and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
1 year ago - 766 views
Creating an Oasis for Yourself & Others
Special Wellness Webinar for University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Volunteers. Creating an Oasis for Yourself & Others was presen...
2 years ago - 1,194 views
Ensure Effective Water Delivery and Optimize Energy Use
In this webinar, we discuss the potential for water distribution utilities to shift energy load using existing water storage. We examine the benefits ...
2 years ago - 99 views
Understanding Schedule Builder & Registration Periods
Students will learn the basics of Schedule Builder with CBS major course emphasis, entering a CRN (FRS example), pre-req petition (mostly for transfer...
7 months ago - 2,266 views
How China transformed its desert into a fruit growing oasis
In this episode of Travelogue, CGTN's Tianran travels to the desert tracts in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The region has register...
3 years ago - 1,336,769 views
Creating a Balanced First-Quarter Plan for First Year Students
CBS students will learn about which major courses to select during their first quarter. A brief explanation of how AP/IB and placement scores can impa...
6 months ago - 1,078 views
Tiesto closing with "Maximal Crazy" @ UC Davis College Invasion 10/4/11
Tiesto ending his monster set with his latest hit "Maximal Crazy" at the UC Davis Pavilion during his Club Life College Invasion Tour stop. As an alum...
10 years ago - 1,629 views
UC Davis Energy Seminar: Meeting our Global Obligations-Hurricane Maria Energy and Health Project
Lilo Pozzo Professor, University of Washington In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico and left its residents without ...
1 year ago - 30 views
Seth Rogen Blasted for Dismissing LA Theft Victim, Mobs of Looters Are Grabbing Goods In California
Producer Chris Laxamana joins us with trending topics. Seth Rogen trended on Twitter after he shrugged off Los Angeles criminals breaking into cars. O...
3 days ago - 33,254 views
Forum 43 | Dr. Elizabeth L. Hillman | Captain Marvel and 21st-century Women's Colleges
May 23, 2019 | UC Davis, Student Community Center Elizabeth L. Hillman, President of Mills College Abstract: “I'm not who you think I am,” warns C...
3 years ago - 99 views
Dania Beach / FAU cooperation for Oasis - Rebuilding Neighborhoods
Dania Beach has implemented the Oasis Program under the guidance of the City staff and through the continued assistance of the faculty and students of...
4 years ago - 305 views
Farming Today - 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 1)
Visit: or California agriculture is a $37.5 billion industry with the golden state being home to...
9 years ago - 39,432 views
When can I register? Pass Times, Waitlists and Holds!
International Students! Check out the International and Academic English website to help you get a better understanding of your choices and requiremen...
6 years ago - 2,641 views
GSP How to Use Schedule Builder
Good luck making your schedules! If you need any help, email Global Study Program at [email protected] Here's the link to Schedule Builder: ...
3 years ago - 753 views
7 Seconds- UC Davis Coffeehouse, Davis Ca. 3/5/89 Xfer from master 8mm video enhanced with NEW Audio
Here is another show that we were able to improve quite a bit. The audio on the original video is terrible. I was behind the PA and I was using the st...
1 year ago - 284 views
Animal Oasis Veterinary Hospital Naples Florida
Dr. Stacey Huber introducing Animal Oasis Veterinary Hospital in Naples Florida.
7 years ago - 547 views
Nevada 5 UC Davis 4 Highlights Driven by Northern Nevada Toyota Dealers
Nevada beats UC Davis in their final meeting of the 2016 season behind 3 clutch double plays, and a Cole Krzmarzick HR!
6 years ago - 398 views
He Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife, But When He Saw The Photo
Photographs at first glance innocuous and which reveal mysterious, incredible and frightening things. Here are the stories of those shocking and creep...
5 months ago - 1,528,895 views
Top Stories: Noon 10-15-19
Top Stories: Noon 10-15-19.
2 years ago - 177 views
UC Davis Development of Track-Testing Device for Racehorse Research
This video shows the development of the University of California, Davis, J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory track-testing device (TT...
12 years ago - 611 views
Baumer Series: Florian Idenburg
Florian Idenburg, RA, AIA-IA Florian Idenburg is an internationally renowned architect with over two decades of professional experience. After learnin...
1 month ago - 260 views
New Roles for Librarians in Data Management | Midday at the Oasis (December 18, 2013)
Recorded on December 18, 2013 Note: We strongly recommend the recording be viewed full screen. Presenter: Elaine Martin, Director of the University of...
6 years ago - 55 views
Jim Pine, a Serrano Kika and his Neighbors at the Oasis of Máara
This talk will focus on the Serrano, Chemehuevi, and Cahuilla Indigenous People of the 29 Palms Region. Sean Milanovich works for Joshua Tree National...
2 years ago - 164 views
Environmental drivers of reforestation outcomes
Recorded webinar from 12/14/2020. Environmental drivers of reforestation outcomes: field-based observations and a web-based tool for prioritizing plan...
11 months ago - 83 views

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