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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) | Ultimate eReader?
Unboxing and review of Amazon's 3rd-generation Kindle Oasis eReader, fresh for 2019, complete with new display temperature controls. All of the best f...
2 years ago - 422,129 views
Kindle Oasis Review: The Bookworm's Best Bud
The idea of a deluxe e-reader is almost an oxymoron, up there with “hot ice and wondrous strange snow.” The popular notion is that if you have eno...
4 years ago - 871,501 views
Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis vs Basic (2021)|Best E Readers Comparison
Kindle Paperwhite ✓US Prices - ✓UK Prices - ✓CA Prices - ▻Kindle Oasis...
5 months ago - 99,591 views
Kindle Oasis Review - Is Worth The Buy in 2021?
Kindle Oasis ✓US Price - ✓UK Price - ✓CA Price - There are e-Readers, an...
2 years ago - 132,006 views
Kindle Oasis Review in 60s #SHORTS
Hey friends, in this video I'll take a quick look at the Kindle Oasis. #SHORTS MY FREE ONLINE COURSES: Productivity Masterclass - Principles and Tools...
1 year ago - 271,291 views
2021 Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis 3 Comparison Review
Kindles at Amazon: (affiliate link) Here's a quick comparison between the new 6.8" Kindle Paperwhite 5 for 2021 and the 7" Kin...
1 month ago - 49,923 views
《值不值得买》第81期:相见不如怀念——Kindle Oasis
这期大疆精灵4又跳票了,无人机确实比较不太好拍,这星期四,一定不跳票。所以,这期,我们就先看看书! ====...
5 years ago - 115,693 views
Kindle Oasis vs Paperwhite vs Basic | eReader Comparison
Comparing the 3rd-gen Kindle Oasis vs Amazon's Paperwhite and Basic eReaders, to see which is best for you. We cover the eInk display tech, battery li...
2 years ago - 1,078,395 views
Kindle Paperwhite vs Oasis | 2021 Edition
Check out my comparison video of the all-new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition vs the latest-gen Kindle Oasis! #KindleOasis #AmazonKindle ...
1 month ago - 24,639 views
Trên tay Kindle Oasis 3
Bài viết chi tiết: Đăng ký theo dõi hệ thống kênh youtube của Tinh Tế Tinh tế: Aud...
2 years ago - 41,662 views
Should you upgrade your Paperwhite to the Oasis? | Kindle Oasis First 30 Days Impression
I recently decided to get a Kindle Oasis and figured I would share my impressions after 30 days. It's been a really interesting 30 days with my new ki...
8 months ago - 31,143 views
ОБЗОР | Электронная книга Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019
Выгодно купить: Наш сайт: Наш Twitter: Наш В...
2 years ago - 62,008 views
Kindle Oasis Review (1 Year Later) - Still worth it?
In this video, we do a Kindle Oasis Review (1 year later). I talk about all the things I wish I mentioned in my original review video last year! Kindl...
5 months ago - 11,816 views
Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis - RIP! 😢
Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis? With the new 2021 Kindle Paperwhite just released, this is the question that has a lot of people stumped! In today'...
1 month ago - 22,970 views
2021 Kindle Oasis Unboxing + First Impressions
Thank you for watching! Please subscribe if you feel so inclined! Follow me on social! - The Oasis that I ordered: ...
10 months ago - 21,681 views
KINDLE OASIS: O que tem de diferente? ✨ | Ju Cirqueira
Minha experiência com o meu novo #kindle e tudo que ele traz de novo para os leitores de ebooks! Diferenças, vantagens e se vale mesmo a pena invest...
1 year ago - 123,408 views
Kindle Paperwhite vs. Kindle Oasis. Bagusan mana? | Review Kindle Indonesia
Hey guys & welcome back to my channel! Semoga kalian suka videonya dan jangan lupa like & subscribenya ya ❤ MORE VIDEO ABOUT KINDLE All you need ...
10 months ago - 4,347 views
Kindle Oasis: Worth The Upgrade From The Paperwhite?
Mike talks about upgrading from the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Oasis and if it's worth forking over the excess cash. You can purchase the Kindle ...
1 year ago - 255,722 views
Unboxing Kindle Oasis | Review Kindle Indonesia | putrisaffira
Hey guys & welcome back to my channel! It's been a while since my last video. Kali ini aku bakalan buat video unboxing Kindle Oasis. Semoga kalian suk...
10 months ago - 3,484 views
New Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) vs. the Oasis (10th gen). Which is better?
Which one is better? The new Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) or the Oasis (10th gen)? The Kindle Oasis is supposed to be the top-of-the-line e-reader, bu...
1 month ago - 14,721 views
🔝Kindle OASIS en 2020🤔¿Merece la pena?
Review en español del Amazon Kindle Oasis de 32 Gb. y 4G integrado, el lector de libros electrónicos más premium de la compañía. Se trata del mej...
1 year ago - 32,163 views
Kindle Oasis 2019 ¿VALE LA PENA? | ChicaGeek
QUIERES UNO? • A lo largo de la existencia de este canal he probado muchos modelos de Kindle, pero uno que me quedaba por .....
2 years ago - 48,192 views
مراجعة شاملة بعد التجربة Kindle Oasis ✨
شهر مجانا على readwise Calibre App for converting PDFs to Kindle format: Read about...
5 months ago - 6,242 views
Kindle Oasis 3 Ekitap Okuyucu Kutu Açılımı ve İnceleme (Unboxing / Quick Set-up)
Zaman Çizelgesi, açıklamanın devamında ;) Kindle Oasis 3 kutu açılımı için hazırladığım ve ilk izlenimlerimi paylaştığım video. Oasi...
9 months ago - 3,206 views
【测评】2399 买个旗舰电子书,新款 Kindle Oasis 究竟值不值?
前几天Kindle 上线了新款Oasis 的金色配色,但其实在半年之前,我就已经买到了这一代的新款Kindle Oasis,刚好借这...
4 years ago - 20,594 views
【感動】Kindle PaperwhiteからフラッグシップのKindle oasisに乗り換えたら快適過ぎてヤバい!!
Kindle oasis 購入したカバー □佐々木家のゲーム実況チャンネル「佐々木家で...
1 year ago - 162,503 views
Top Reasons I Love My Kindle Oasis! Why You Should Buy One!
LINKS FOR PRODUCTS: -Kindle Oasis -Kindle Oasis case ♡ Don't forget that I post new videos EVERY ...
1 month ago - 1,745 views
Kindle Paperwhite 2021 (e Signature Edition!): focado nos leitores hardcores (ANÁLISE/REVIEW)
A Amazon atualizou a linha Paperwhite do Kindle, modelo que oferece uma tela consideravelmente superior à presente no Kindle de entrada. De fato, ago...
21 hours ago - 13,226 views
全新Kindle Oasis体验:最强电纸书包你看书(泡面)更香
Kindle Oasis第三代,依然IPX8防水,新增了色温调节模式,除了有点重(还有贵),完美。
2 years ago - 8,684 views
Kindle Oasis 10th Gen Unboxing!
I purchased a Kindle Oasis and unbox it here for you Follow me on Instagram:
6 months ago - 7,977 views

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