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Hookah Stereotypes
Things customers do at hookah lounges!
3 years ago - 5,128 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge may lose liquor license
An Omaha business featured on the television show "Bar Rescue" could be past the point of saving. A cancellation hearing is scheduled for the Oasis Ho...
5 years ago - 7,077 views
Bar Rescue: This Hookah Bar Makes Customers Sick
While Jon Taffer is doing recon at Oasis Hookah Bar in Omaha, NE, one of his spies becomes violently ill after taking a sip from a drink. The entire b...
8 years ago - 643,561 views
Matt travels to Oasis #Hookah Lounge in Las Vegas! For Al Fakher!
Matt heads to Vegas to go and try the new Al Fakher, there are three new flavors, what one will be his new favorite. Thanks for watching make sure to ...
2 years ago - 136 views
Hookah University | Oasis Hookah Lounge | Unofficial Meetup
3 years ago - 1,056 views
Bar Rescue: Hookah Training with the Master
The staff at Oasis gets training from the foremost authorities on hookah in the world. Things get heated when the lack of staff knowledge becomes appa...
8 years ago - 1,476,830 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge Promotion Video
Azeeria Azizah Dancing @ Oasis.
8 years ago - 283 views
Hookah Stereotypes Part 2
Some more hookah comedy brought to you by Oasis Hookah Lounge. If you have not seen part 1 you are missing out! Thanks for watching! Share and ...
3 years ago - 1,145 views
Twin Oasis Shisha Lounge - 3rd Road, Pattaya
Twin Oasis Bar is located on 3rd road near the Bali Hai overpass. It's a great little chilled bar or lounge where you escape all the craziness of Walk...
7 years ago - 13,718 views
Bar Rescue: Moroccan Inspired Cocktails
While implementing a new drink menu at Oasis, Jon Taffer comes up with a a great new concept: "the hookah of cocktails." The social aspect of hookah c...
8 years ago - 50,852 views
Best in the Bay Part1- Oasis Hookah Lounge
Join me in this two part series on my favorite small businesses in the Tampa Bay Area! Keep your eyes open for part 2 coming soon.
4 years ago - 73 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge
7 years ago - 12 views
Guys Night Out at Oasis Hookah Bar
Fun night with the guys at Oasis Hookah Bar (RIP) in Evansville. Wish something like this would come back around here.
8 years ago - 229 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge
4 years ago - 127 views
Bar Rescue: Jon Uses the Blacklight
Some employees shine while others crumble during the stress test at Oasis. Jon Taffer uses a black light test to see if the furniture is clean, and it...
8 years ago - 766,704 views
Oasis Hookah Bar
A quick look at Omahas original and premiere Hookah Bar, Oasis.
9 years ago - 769 views
weekend turnup at oasis
follow us on Instagram @oasisahookah_lounge every Friday ladies night hookah 2 for 25$
6 years ago - 840 views
Smoking Hookah at Oasis Hookah Bar Evansville
Group of friends taking the night to relax and smoke hookah at our local Hookah Bar.
8 years ago - 1,223 views
Oasis Shisha Review
Check out my review of the Oasis Shisha which has just hit the UK Market! You can buy it from & use discount code ...
3 years ago - 4,564 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge
Having a Great Night.
8 years ago - 221 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge
Short Teaser For Oasis Hookah Lounge, Located In Brighton, MI.
7 years ago - 202 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge Odessa, Florida Promo
Oasis is proud to present the very talented Azeeria Azizah who headlines every Friday and Saturday night* * Subject to day and time change.
8 years ago - 130 views
THE art HYPE - Oasis Hookah Lounge
Good times every night at Oasis, Omaha's first and only true hookah bar.
11 years ago - 431 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge - Cherokee street Kennessaw Hookah bar
Oasis Hookah Lounge is a chill, good vibe atmosphere with the best hookah flavors, choices, and prices north of the 75 perimeter in Kennesaw, Ga. Comi...
10 years ago - 3,708 views
Oasis cafe and Hookah lounge kennesaw GA
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
10 years ago - 1,534 views
I Went To The Best And Worst Shisha Lounge In My City - London
Me and some shisha experts reviewed the worst and best shisha lounges in London and here is how it went.
3 months ago - 3,188 views
Oasis Hookah Bar
Good times everynight at Oasis, Omaha's first and only true hookah bar.
11 years ago - 1,775 views
Oasis Hookah Lounge - Smoke Shop - Houston, TX
Oasis Hookah Lounge has an atmosphere like no other hookah lounge in Houston. Conveniently located on Hwy 6 near Clay road. Come rave with us to the ....
8 years ago - 804 views

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