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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) | Ultimate eReader?
Unboxing and review of Amazon's 3rd-generation Kindle Oasis eReader, fresh for 2019, complete with new display temperature controls. All of the best f...
2 years ago - 420,725 views
All-New Amazon Kindle Oasis 10th (2019) VS Oasis 9th (2017)
The 10th-generation Kindle Oasis vs Oasis 9th (2017). Amazon gave the metallic e-reader a new feature: display warmth.
2 years ago - 18,262 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 - Full Review
This video is a full review of the New Kindle Oasis 2017 Model. We checkout the hardware, UI, all of the new features that are only on this e-reader a...
4 years ago - 72,500 views
Amazon 2019 Kindle Oasis 9th Generation 32GB Unboxing Review Impression
In this video, I will unbox my first Amazon Kindle Oasis 9th generation with 32GB storage. You can purchase the Amazon Kindle and the accessories thro...
2 years ago - 6,892 views
ОБЗОР | Электронная книга Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019
Выгодно купить: Наш сайт: Наш Twitter: Наш В...
2 years ago - 61,540 views
kindle oasis 9th gen failed teardown/ kindle oasis 9th battery replacement is possible?
In this video, I am trying to replace the kindle oasis 9th gen battery Music by enrique27naveda from Pixabay.
3 weeks ago - 177 views
Kindle Oasis 2017 Unboxing, Hands-on Review & Comparison
Our unboxing of the new Kindle Oasis 2017 includes full setup and a hands-on tour of this water resistant eReader. Amazon's new Kindle Oasis for 2017 ...
4 years ago - 48,134 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis 3 vs Oasis 2 - The Lighting System
Today we look at the lighting system on both of these e-readers. We take a look at the front-lit displays and the color temperature system. This e-Rea...
2 years ago - 39,388 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 vs Oasis 2016 - Comparison
In this video, we show you guys a comparison of the current generation of the Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) and the previous generation. These 2 e-reader...
4 years ago - 54,434 views
How to: Switch from Reading to Listening to Audible Audiobooks Using Your Kindle
If you own both the Kindle ebook and Audible audiobook, here's how you can switch from reading to listening without losing your place on your Kindle (...
4 years ago - 90,401 views
New Kindle Oasis WATERPROOF 2017 (9th Gen) Unboxing & Review
This is a video on the new the kindle Oasis. It has tons of new features such as - highest resolution display-7" and 300 ppi, - reads like printed pap...
4 years ago - 5,884 views
Is this the BEST Kindle Amazon's ever released?
Watch my thoughts on the all-new 2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition vs. the Kindle Oasis. Come say hi : Twitter:
3 weeks ago - 6,126 views
2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis unboxing, setup and quicklook
I unbox and Setup the new 2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis now with warm light. We also take a quick look at it and a very quick comparison between the 2019 k...
2 years ago - 8,476 views
Kindle Oasis ! Pros and Cons
Here are some thoughts on the Kindle Oasis - thank you so so much for watching, if you'd like more videos please like and subscribe, I would truly app...
2 years ago - 47,057 views
Обзор электронной книжки Kindle Oasis
Наш сайт: Наш твиттер: Наш ВК: Наш FB...
4 years ago - 43,227 views
A month with my Kindle Oasis 10th Generation - Is it still worth $250?
Do you love to read as I do? After a month using my Kindle Oasis 10th Generation, is it still worth the money? It is definitely expensive at $250 but ...
1 year ago - 29,960 views
Kindle oasis 9th gen unboxing
Kindle oasis unboxing.
2 years ago - 588 views
Kindle Oasis (9th Gen) - 7" | Unboxing
Kindle Oasis (9th Gen) - 7" High-Resolution Display (300 PPI), Waterproof, 32 GB, Wi-Fi, Graphite | Unboxing.
2 years ago - 146 views
Распаковка и обзор электронной читалки Amazon Kindle Oasis Graphite
Купить можно по ссылке ниже Наш сайт https://luckyl...
1 year ago - 7,699 views
Reading on iPad vs Kindle | Which is Better?
Is it better to read on your iPad or read on your Kindle? Today we discuss the differences between the two and which is better! Social Links Website: ...
1 year ago - 71,809 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis 8th Generation Battery Replacement Guide - How to Replace Kindle Oasis Battery
Did you find this video helpful? Please support the continued creation of these videos by purchasing the Battery Replacement Kit: ...
1 year ago - 9,394 views
Kindle Oasis 9th and 10th Gen Leather Amazon Cover, Black
Product link
1 year ago - 189 views
Kindle Oasis 2017 PDF reading
Reading PDFs on the Kindle Oasis 2017 (7") -- and comparing it to the 2016 6" Kindle Oasis and an iPad Pro 10.5".
4 years ago - 30,915 views
Kobo vs Kindle Oasis 💕 Friday E-Book Haul #3
Hi guys thank you guys so much for watching this video! I love interacting in the comments and will see you in my next video! Luv ya! Averielovebooks ...
6 months ago - 2,795 views
Kindle Oasis review, el MEJOR e-book HASTA LA FECHA
Cómpralo desde cualquier parte del mundo aquí: ▻▻Suscríbete a Topes de Gama: ▻▻Visita la web To...
4 years ago - 111,843 views
[How To] Fix Amazon Kindle Battery Problem
Support me at Patreon - LJP's Twitter Account - I have been recently experimenting battery...
2 years ago - 37,099 views
Kindle Oasis Warm Light Demo and Comparison
This is what the warm frontlight looks like on the new Kindle Oasis 3 that Amazon released for 2019. It's the first Kindle with adjustable frontlight ...
2 years ago - 25,485 views
CaseBot Best Kindle Oasis (9th Gen, 2017) Slim Fit Multi Angle Case
Fintie multi angle case slim stand cover is designed for Kindle Oasis E-reader (9th Generation - 2017 Release). Get the case on amazon: ...
3 years ago - 1,240 views
2019 Kindle Oasis 3 (10th Gen) Newest Version Unboxing And Hands On Review
2019 Kindle Oasis 3 Newest Version with adjustable warm light Unboxing And Hands On Review. BEST BUY LINKS here from Amazon India- ...
2 years ago - 19,526 views

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