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Three Steps to Awesome Math Rock Guitar Tone
Hey there, Steve here. In this video, I show you three steps you can take to craft a better guitar tone for Math Rock & Midwest Emo Styles. You can fi...
10 months ago - 35,217 views
New Guitar Day - Fender American Original 60s Thinline Telecaster (Super Serious Review)
It's new guitar day! This time I bought a Fender American Original 60s Thinline Telecaster and I'm excited to show you it! Also, I conduct super serio...
3 days ago - 2,391 views
3 Ways To Improve Your Math Rock Riff Ideas Instantly
Hey there, Steve here. In this video, I show you three steps you can take in order to write math rock style guitar riffs. Looking to support the chann...
4 months ago - 7,262 views
Let's Learn This Riff - Delta Sleep - Camp Adventure - Chords Breakdown/Tutorial
Get your Camp Adventure tabs & chord chart here: -------------------- Support -------------------- Math Rock Gu...
7 days ago - 2,008 views
Math Rock Beginner Guitar Lesson: Chords, Rhythm, Timing
Hello, Steve here. In this video, I want to teach you some basics of math rock guitar. The lesson is separated into three segments, first, some math r...
4 years ago - 122,262 views
7 Beginner Math Rock Riffs - Tiny Moving Parts, American Football, Delta Sleep, Tera Melos, TFOT
Hey, Steve here. In this video, I carefully selected 7 guitar riffs I believe are useful for beginners, and for those new to math rock. By learning so...
2 years ago - 256,157 views
Five Math Rock, Emo, Post Hardcore Strumming Patterns In 5/8 Time
Hey there Steve here. In this video, you'll learn two common patterns of accent in 5/8 time and five strumming patterns great for math rock, emo, post...
2 years ago - 15,025 views
That Japanese Math Rock Style Guitar
A Japanese math rock style sounding idea I wrote. Get a chord chart PDF here: -------------------- Support ...
1 year ago - 416,049 views
Steal This Chord Progression - Episode 5 - Chords For Math Rock & Midwest Emo
Hey there, Steve here. In this video, I'll teach you a useful chord progression for math rock and midwest emo. I encourage you to take these chords aw...
1 year ago - 19,159 views
60 Math Rock Riffs For My Patrons!
Hey there, Steve here. I combined my two 30 math rock guitar riff videos that I made for my patrons, so now you can see all 60 riffs at once! I made t...
2 years ago - 17,871 views
The Craziest Rescue I Ever Had!
So I got a for an airplane. Yes, an airplane! Winter 4x4 Jamboree Trail Ride Subscribe ...
3 days ago - 748,841 views
Incandescent - Math Rock / Emo
Hey, Steve here. This is a play-through video of the song Incandescent by our band Mountains. This one was recorded back in Spring this year when the ...
1 year ago - 6,731 views
Blippi And The Holiday Snow Globe Movie | Blippi & Meekah's Festive Seasons Special!
Explore with Blippi and his magic snow globe in Blippi's 'The Holiday Snow Globe Movie! Join Blippi and Meekah as they learn all about festive seasons...
2 days ago - 742,533 views
Ina, Sana & Ollie 𝘽𝙍𝙀𝙀𝙕𝙀 𝙏𝙃𝙍𝙊𝙐𝙂𝙃 Gym 1, but Mumei... (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl) [Hololive EN/ID]
Reminder that Ollie is doing Nuzlocke. =============== My Twitter: Buy me a kowfee: ...
3 days ago - 44,085 views
Let's Make These Pop Chords Into Emo / Math Rock Chords
Hey, Steve here. Hope you're doing well. In this video, I show you how you can change a bunch of basic chord triads in a Pop style chord progression i...
11 months ago - 19,919 views
Seriously. Lets Rebuild The Houston Rockets. They Need Help.
Huge struggle to start the NBA season (expected) but can we get things headed in a more positive direction? #nba #rockets #rebuild drop that LIKE for ...
2 days ago - 11,601 views
My dad wasn't too happy... I've done outdoor water parks, but have you ever seen an indoor one? SUBSCRIBE! 🔴 SUBSCRIBE FOR LIT VIDEOS ...
3 days ago - 1,955,821 views
Steal This Chord Progression - Episode 3 - Chords For Math Rock / Midwest Emo
Hi, Steve here. In this video, I'll teach you a useful chord progression for math rock / Midwest emo and styles often linked to them. The chords: ...
2 years ago - 92,525 views
my submission for lets talk about math rock's super tuning friends
Thanks for having me Steve! Check out his channel and the compilation here:
2 months ago - 91 views
Top 5 Math Rock Intros - Hella, American Football, Don Caballero, Tera Melos, Faraquet
Hey, Steve here. In this video, I introduce top five math rock intros from some awesome math rock records between the years 1999 to 2007.
2 years ago - 41,098 views
Learn These 5 Chords to Get Started With Math Rock / Midwest Emo Guitar
Hi, Steve here. In this video, I'll teach you 5 useful chord shapes to get started with math rock guitar. While these chords have their roots in jazz ...
1 year ago - 12,630 views
5 Tapping Math Rock Riffs You Need To Know - Tiny Moving Parts, Covet, The Fall Of Troy, Tera Melos
Hey, Steve here. In this video, you can learn 5 really cool math rock tapping riffs. A big thanks to @Marcos Mena of Standards band for the Kale & Str...
3 months ago - 19,874 views
Math (Rock) is Fun! (DADF#AE Tuning)
Here's my submission for Let's Talk About Math Rock's Super Tuning Friends Episode 6 collab! Good job to everyone that submitted entries, and thanks a...
1 month ago - 1,239 views
The Truth About Their Relationship (Official Music Video)
EVERYBODY is saying my daughter's crush is her best friend Nidal, but I think they are WAY TOO YOUNG to date!! Here's what THEY think! Ft. Sofie Dossi...
4 days ago - 3,113,833 views
What Are Some Good Chord Progressions For Math Rock?
Support -------------------- Math Rock Guitar E-book (A Structured Guide to Learning Math Rock Guitar) ...
1 day ago - 762 views
Beginners Neo Soul / Math Rock Tutorial (Ichika Nito, Eternity Forever, Etc) - Live Q&A #29
Hey there, Steve here. In this live stream I teach you a really useful chord progression for neo soul meets math rock, and I teach you some minor pent...
3 months ago - 3,624 views
3 Math Rock / Midwest Emo Beginner Tapping Riffs
Hey there, Steve here. In this video, I show you three math rock style finger tapping riffs which are great for those wanting to learn the math rock f...
2 years ago - 36,797 views
If Modern Baseball Was Math Rock
Hey there. Steve here. I was messing around with the intro to the song Your Graduation by Modern Baseball and this was the resulting idea ...
3 weeks ago - 5,460 views
Friend - Emo / Indie Rock / Math Rock
Stay safe 👌 Recorded in the middle of a river somewhere in Eonyang, South Korea. Looking to support the channel? Here are a number of ways you can ...
2 years ago - 16,028 views
FACGCE: Essential Chords For Writing Math Rock, Emo, Post Rock, And Shoegaze
Hey everyone, here's a completely revamped and revitalized version of my old video on chords in FACGCE. I've completely re-shot and rewrote the video ...
1 year ago - 42,022 views

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