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40 minute - Mellow Flow
This slow steady flow will really work into the shoulders, upper back and spine. Leaving you feeling rejuvenated, opened out and with an amazing range...
2 years ago - 1,445 views
Indigo Yoga
6 years ago - 289 views
200 hr Hatha Vinyasa Multimedia TTC Blue Indigo Yoga
This unique Yoga Teacher Training Course combines the art of classical Hatha Yoga with the creative Vinyasa flow, and the fundamentals of photo, video...
5 years ago - 771 views
Yoga met Ineke | Dansstudio Indigo | Stay Healthy
Deze Yoga serie is voor iedereen, beginners en gevorderden, en is ideaal om de spieren en gewrichten soepel te houden. Deze oefeningen bevorderen een ...
2 years ago - 1,358 views
Welcome to Indigo Yoga Quests
Watch this special video from Indigo Yoga which invites you to begin a transformational yoga quest program.
3 years ago - 154 views
Yoga For Deep Sleep & Relaxation ♥ Best Way To Unwind | Blue Indigo Retreat
This 20 minute yoga class is perfect for all levels. An easy super gentle practice that will help you let go of any negativity, stress, or anxiety fro...
4 years ago - 972,635 views
Indigo Yoga Store
Come check out the new books in our store!
2 weeks ago - 0 views
200h Yoga course feedback - Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap
Hatha yoga teacher course completed! Here is the video feedback from our students. Course covers the "8 limbs of Yoga" as described in original script...
2 years ago - 128 views
Indigo Yoga: Yoga for Wellness
Yoga for Wellness.
2 years ago - 182 views
Bienvenue sur Indigo Yoga !
Namasté Belle Âme ! Bienvenue sur ma chaîne ! Je m'appelle Sonia Astreya. Je suis professeur de yoga, coach holistique et quantique, praticienne en...
2 years ago - 609 views
Blue Indigo Yoga Center Siem Reap
Blue Indigo Yoga - cultural, spiritual, and personal immersion 8 daily sessions to choose from, focused retreats, all led by experienced instructors. ...
6 years ago - 2,323 views
NJ Yoga Teacher Training at Indigo Yoga
Interested in becoming a yoga teacher or deepening your yoga practice? Enroll in the NJ Yoga Teacher Training, a 200-hour yoga certification program ....
6 years ago - 55 views
Nestled in the eclectic downtown area of Aberdeen, Indigo Yoga and Healing Arts sets a different standard with a highly competent and experienced ...
3 months ago - 172 views
Bienvenue sur Indigo Yoga !
Namasté Belle Âme ! Bienvenue sur ma chaîne ! Je m'appelle Sonia Astreya. Je suis professeur de yoga, coach holistique et quantique, praticienne en...
2 years ago - 54 views
Indigo yoga Resort Video
Yoga at Indigo Yoga Resort,Mal pais.
7 years ago - 649 views
Indigo Yoga Weekly Tip - Strengthen Your Glutes with a Jelly Fish Exercise
Our team instructor, Susanne Bertolas, is showing you how to strengthen your glutes with an exercise called Jelly Fish. Indigo Yoga Barre Studio is lo...
7 years ago - 169 views
Yoga Kundalini pour l'estomac et méditation pour la terre
Laissez-vous guider dans cette séance de Yoga Kundalini complète. N''hésitez pas à fermer les yeux et pratiquez avec nous ! - Ouverture 0:00 - Éc...
2 years ago - 7,514 views
Indigo Yoga's Beginner Workshop
We invite you to join us for a beginner workshop on Saturday, February 15th from 1-3 pm. We will have a Q&A session, demonstrations and a light practi...
8 years ago - 197 views
Indigo Yoga Tip - Susanne Bertolas is showing you how to do Downward Dog
One of our instructors, Susanne Bertolas, is showing you how to do Downward dog the right way, without hurting your wrists or rest of body. NEW STUDEN...
7 years ago - 228 views
Josef Langstrof Yoga Teacher at Indigo Yoga Studio Salem Oregon
Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age or present physical ability, and the results are entirely beneficial, healthful and helpful. In Yoga ever...
10 years ago - 235 views
Indigo Yoga
Welcome to Indigo Yoga TV! We will share educational, informative and fun videos to help you have a successful practice at Indigo Yoga or anywhere in ...
8 years ago - 385 views
Power Yoga
Build muscle strength and endurance with this rigorous practice. You will burn more calories and maximize the productivity of your heart, lungs, and m...
2 years ago - 513 views
Creating Peace Together | International Day of Peace | Echo Indigo Yoga Center | Day 6
अंतराष्ट्रीय शान्ति दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में, इको इंडिगो योग...
1 year ago - 341 views
The Juicy Gong Aloha Tour - Indigo Yoga Retreat (Part 1)
Here we have some testimonials about the students' and staffs' experiences with the gong... they each have a unique and different perspective to share...
6 years ago - 87 views
A weekly tip with Genya Klaiman from Indigo Yoga Barre
Genya is showing 6 rotations of the spine which you can try at home. For a full schedule of our yoga classes and events visit us online: ...
7 years ago - 132 views

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