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Indigo Shibori Patterning Techniques
Lyndal Busch presents various shibori patterning techniques using the Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit.
2 years ago - 24,711 views
DIY Shibori Indigo Dyeing
Hi Long time no upload. I have learned how do the natural indigo dye and just want to show you some of my shibori folding work. Hope you like it.
3 years ago - 221,069 views
Indigo Dyeing with the Jacquard Indigo Kit
This video is about how to use indigo dye. A unique and fascinating process, indigo dyeing is fun for beginner dyers as well as seasoned fiber artists...
2 years ago - 5,278 views
How to Tie Dye with Indigo
This video shows you a technique for how to tie dye with indigo dye. The result has the look of Japanese shibori, and is a great way to update plain c...
2 years ago - 3,242 views
DIY: Indigo Dyeing || Indigo Tie and Dye Technique ||
DIY: Indigo Tie and Dye Buy Jacquard Indigo Tie and Dye Kit : diy, #shibori, stitch, ...
1 year ago - 32 views
HOW TO SHIBORI TIE-DYE T-SHIRTS | 4 different techniques to use with Indigo dye.
Use 4 different shibori methods to make some exciting results on your t-shirts. Hi there I am Sally an art teacher who runs Didsbury Art Studio my sma...
1 year ago - 14,476 views
How to reimagine your t-shirt with indigo tie dye - Repair. Reimagine. Recycle.
Reimagine your wardrobe into something new. Get hold of all our exclusive video tutorials on the Levi's® app and learn how to repair and recycle your...
1 year ago - 2,853 views
DIY: Shibori with Indigo Dye
A little different than tie dye, Shibori is a Japanese method of dyeing patterns by twisting, binding, wrapping, folding, stitching. The main dye used...
4 years ago - 605,896 views
How to Shibori Dye (Kanoko Style) with Rit Dye
Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. We call i...
4 years ago - 100,698 views
Indigo Dye Technique Tutorial 7
Origami Shibori is one of the Japanese traditional tie dye techniques,which presents stunning flower patterns by using sector folding or screen foldin...
3 years ago - 166,757 views
How To Shibori Tie Dye- Beginner
This is a really beautiful and easy pattern you can make with just paint sticks and string. I'm using indigo dye for this resist dyeing method. Shibor...
1 year ago - 28,281 views
HippyLove Tv - How to make Electric indigo Tie dye :)
We will teach the process how to make a Colorful Tie dye Shirts and other stuff :)
10 months ago - 1,448 views
Jacquard Products' Indigo Tie Dye Kit
Indigo Dyeing: This natural dye process has long been used in many cultures around the world. The unique characteristics of indigo dyeing make it easy...
9 years ago - 12,234 views
Indigo Tie Dye Company
At Indigo Tie Dye in Coweta, you can shop the store's selection of custom, handmade shirts, sweatshirts and more. Or, you can create your own in the s...
11 months ago - 242 views
Shibori Dyeing with Indigo | Class at Studio Naenna, Chiang Mai
Watch tie-dye & shibori techniques from a class with Patricia Cheesman at Studio Naenna, in Chiang Mai , Thailand. The natural dyes we used were indig...
2 years ago - 16,963 views
Shibori Tie Dye Technique- Arashi Shibori Wrapping Tutorial | Onyx Art Studios
This tutorial is an organic take on the traditional arashi shibori style. I've wrapped the 4" pvc pipe with a linen pillow I made. I take you step by ...
9 months ago - 7,000 views
How To Shibori Tie Dye- Arashi- Easy Pole Wrapping Tutorial
This is an organic pattern made with string and a pipe. I think it looks a lot like a geode or an agate type of pattern. I am using a 100% cotton Shee...
1 year ago - 1,067 views
Indigo Tie Dye Shibori Patterns Reveal Reel ASMR- So Satisfying
Shibori- indigo tie dye is a resist dyeing process. The reveal is the most exciting part of the process. I made this video of multiple patterns being ...
1 year ago - 1,386 views
Indigo Tie Dye Kit
For the uninitiated, Indigo is the best dye to start with: it is fast and easy to use, permanent, a great backyard/group activity, and totally magical...
5 years ago - 3,036 views
How to Shibori Tie Dye- Equilateral Triangle Itajime Tutorial
This pattern is just so understated and pretty! I did this on a linen pillow. Blog Post:
1 year ago - 1,032 views
Indigo Tie-Dyeing by Jacquard
Luscious indigo color in an easy to use form! The indigo blue color has played an important role in several cultures throughout history. There are an ...
10 years ago - 36,726 views
This is a great stitched pattern. It takes a while but is well worth the effort. Check out my blog post for more info: ...
1 year ago - 786 views
Indigo Tie-Dye DIY Instructions
This is a video containing DIY instructions for indigo tie-dye bandana as part of Wisdom Culture and Education Organization's Online Chinese Folk Arts...
1 year ago - 1,246 views
3 Shibori Tie Dye Techniques
Tie dye is back in a big way, and this time it's modern, sophisticated and totally wearable. Learn three shibori tie dye techniques in this quick shib...
2 years ago - 332,947 views
Indigo Dye Technique Tutorial 6
Fish Scale Patterns is one of the basic indigo tie dye techniques. It can be created by using tools which are easily to find in our daily life such as...
3 years ago - 29,247 views
How to Tie Dye Large Items - How to Tie Dye Fabric | Onyx Art Studios
I show you how to tie dye large items or big pieces of fabric in this tutorial. I teach a lot of indigo tie dye shibori workshops and people always wa...
5 months ago - 1,439 views
Welcome to my semi circle tie dye pattern shirt tutorial. I love to upcycle with indigo dye. I revived this t-shirt by doing some fun shibori folding ...
9 months ago - 620 views
Indigo Tie Dye with Janney Simpson
Weaving instructor Janney Simpson explains how a student t-shirt was tied before dyeing in indigo.
4 years ago - 74 views
How To INDIGO Tie Dye Fabric Tutorial, DIY Easy Methods (Homemade Patterns) Natural Color Handmade
This video shows you how to easily create tie dye dress with natural indigo : step by step instructions can help you create your own amazing tie dye p...
4 months ago - 8 views
Link: I've...
8 months ago - 670 views

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