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Hard Water Test Strips - Is Your Water Hard? Here's an Easy Way to find Out
Is Your Water Hard? Our water hardness test strips are an easy way to find out and to confirm water softener is doing a good job. Use these strips to ...
3 years ago - 4,414 views
SN1 Reaction using Molymod Molecular Model Sets
A quick overview of the SN1 Reaction using Molymod Molecular Model Sets. Visit for more information.
1 year ago - 135 views
Sucrose 3d Molecular Model by Indigo Instruments
Here is sucrose, a very common organic chemical compound also known as table sugar. It is mostly used in food and provides a sweet taste. It is a disa...
7 years ago - 3,093 views
3d Molecular Model of Caffeine by Indigo Instruments
Using our 3D Molecular Model Builder we created an animated version of the molecular structure of Caffeine. Our model builder allows you to input many...
7 years ago - 2,866 views
Chemical Structure of Tryptophan Amino Acid-Turkey Chemistry Molecule in 3D
Using our 3d molecular model builder, we made a 3d spinning molecule of Tryptophan. It is commonly known as the chemical that may cause you to feel ti...
7 years ago - 1,831 views
Beta Myrcene Structure 3D Molecular Model by Indigo Instruments
Using our 3d molecular model builder we created an animated Myrcene molecule (an important essential oil present in beer hops). Our model builder allo...
7 years ago - 567 views
Indigo Instruments ALS ice bucket challenge!
We have accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge on behalf of Indigo Instruments & have donated to ALS (you can do so by clicking
7 years ago - 102 views
Tylenol (Acetominophen) Chemical Structure-Spinning Model in 3D from Indigo Instruments
Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is an analgesic commonly used as a headache reliever of minor aches & pains but is less effective as an anti-inflammatory ...
7 years ago - 1,525 views
Buckyball Molecular Model: Glow-in-the-Dark Mobile from Indigo Instruments
Our glow in the dark Buckyball mobile is perfect for any chemistry lover with a new born in the house. Get them started on the right track early!
7 years ago - 170 views
Loperamide (Imodium) Spinning 3d Molecule by Indigo Instruments
Developed in 1969 by Janssen Pharmaceutica, Loperamide also goes by various trade names including Imodium. It is widely used against Diarrhea. It is o...
7 years ago - 583 views
What do the Lines of Force from a Magnet Look Like? This is how you see them
Viewing the lines of force from a magnet using our Magnets, Filings, a Petri Dish, and our unique Petri Holding Stand. To order the kit, just visit th...
1 year ago - 33 views
How Do Series Circuits Work?
An introduction into how a series circuit works. Our electricity kits will allow you (or your class) to experiment with creating a series circuit. To ...
1 year ago - 22 views
Chiral Centers: Organic Chemistry Chirality Basics w/ Magnetic Models - Updated
Updated Version - Magnetic molecular models can be used to explain chirality, its importance in organic stereochemistry & its effect on optical activi...
3 years ago - 111 views
Permethrin Insectide Molecule
Permethrin is a popular insectide. This short video features this important molecule. Cross your eyes to see the image in stereo. You can build your o...
4 years ago - 63 views
Zeolite Crystal Structure Molecular Model Rotation
Zeolite Y catalyst structure model in stereo. This is a synthetic aluminosilicate used in catalytic cracking. Other zeolite compounds are used in ion ...
3 years ago - 808 views
W 18
W-18 is one of the most potent opiate like compounds ever made. Even when highly diluted it several orders of magnitude more lethal than heroin.
6 years ago - 65 views
How to Make Glass Disappear
How do you make glass disappear? Using our borosilicate laboratory glassware and either some vegetable oil or canola oil you can create an illusion of...
7 years ago - 1,760 views
1,2 dimethyl cyclopropane molecule structure.
Watch this rotating cyclopropane molecule in stereo or go to ...
6 years ago - 1,302 views
How to Use Litmus Paper for Simple Identification of Acids & Bases
A litmus test is the simplest way to determine whether a water based liquid is acidic or alkaline (basic) & term is synonymous with a simple yes or no...
7 years ago - 31,572 views
3 color logo metal linen testers
We have moved our domain. You can find out more at: Some examples of 3 color logos printed on 1" ...
5 years ago - 59 views
Man playing multiple instruments at Indigo
Bay and Bloor, Toronto. May 28, 2019.
1 year ago - 7 views
Indigo Dust (Native Instruments Expansion) Sound By Sound
Checkout Indigo Dust Now: Need Help With Maschine? Check out my Maschine Course: In this video DD...
3 years ago - 5,045 views
metallic ink logo metal linen testers
We have moved our domain. You can find out more at: 1" (25mm) 6X metal linen testers custom ...
5 years ago - 40 views
2 color logo metal linen testers
We have moved our domain. You can find out more at: Some examples of 2 color logos printed on 1" ...
5 years ago - 48 views
Best Top 10 Molecular Model Kit For 2021 | Top Rated Best Molecular Model Kit
Best Top 10 Molecular Model Kit For 2021 | Top Rated Best Molecular Model Kit 1. LINKTOR Chemistry Molecular Model Kit 2.
11 months ago - 65 views
#Photon | Hero electric | #AUTOMOBILE
photon #hero_electric #hero_electric_photon_hx Hero electric Photon HX battery capacity 26Ah battery voltage 75 volt charging time 5 hours Top speed 4...
4 months ago - 21 views
Vaisala Indigo Product Family - Short Introduction
Product Area Manager Maria Uusimaa and Senior Product Manager Lars Stormbom give an introduction to Vaisala Indigo product family for measuring ...
3 years ago - 415 views
How to read a graduated cylinder
We've moved our domain. Find out more about grad cylinders at: There is right way & a wrong ...
7 years ago - 8,328 views
100mm (4") bar magnet experiment for repulsion, attraction, magnetic field demonstration
We have changed our domain.You can see these magnets at: Ferrite ceramic bar magnets ar...
5 years ago - 2,402 views
Indigo Lake Part 3: Finding All Instruments | (No Commentry)+Downloads
For next part click here :| Indigo Lake is an intelligent psychological horror game that mixes first person combat, drivi...
5 years ago - 3,142 views

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