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Recreating the chemical traffic light reaction
In this video, I'll be recreating the popular demonstration called the Chemical Traffic Light Reaction. Note: I made a mistake in the video. I said th...
3 years ago - 540,873 views
Making the dye in jeans edible
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4 years ago - 701,519 views
I Made a Chemical Stop Light
In this video I made a chemical traffic light that runs on glucose and oxygen. The color comes from the redox indicator called indigo carmine. Follow ...
2 years ago - 93,973 views
Chemical traffic light (With indigo instead of indigo carmine)
In this video the well know traffic light is shown and how to perform it by using indigo instead of indigo carmine.
4 years ago - 2,303 views
Reactions with indigo carmine
Reactions with indigo carmine.
10 months ago - 69 views
Indigo Carmine
Air oxidation of indigo carmine by shaking the flask (yellow-red then red-green) followed by slow reduction back through red to yellow by glucose (in ...
6 years ago - 3,401 views
Use of Indigo Carmine Solution in Endoscopic Identification and Resection of Nonpolypoid Colorectal
JAMA. 2008;299(9):1027-1035. doi: 10.1001/jama.299.9.1027. Read the article here:
8 years ago - 4,211 views
Science experiment: Traffic light colour-changing effect using Indigo Carmine
Is it blue? Is it green? No, it's definitely red. Oh, wait... Live in the show "Kaleidoscope".
4 years ago - 5,839 views
The Traffic Light Experiment: Red, Yellow, and Green Forms of Indigo Carmine
The interplay between the kinetics of oxidation by oxygen and reduction by glucose are used to interconvert the organic dye, indigo carmine, between r...
7 months ago - 38 views
Beyond the 'blue bottle' - redox and colour chemistry
An indigo carmine 'traffic light' bottle. This demonstration can be used to support teaching of redox topics, as well as illustrating aspects of colou...
8 years ago - 52,062 views
Carmín de Índigo. Colorante e Indicador de pH y Redox
El carmín de índigo o indigotina es un colorante azul muy utilizado en la industria alimentaria, farmacéutica y textil. Es el pigmento con el que s...
4 years ago - 21,570 views
Indigo Carmine and its colour changes
Indigo Carmine and its colour changes What was used: Dextrose, indigo carmine, sodium hydroxide, water and glassware NaOH (0.4M) 70ml 10ml of water wi...
3 months ago - 21 views
cystoscopy with indigo carmine after laparoscopic hysterectomy to check the ureters
step by step videos to show you how laparoscopic gyne surgery could be made easy.
7 years ago - 1,358 views
How to perform traffic light experiment | Dev world of science
Required ingredients ~About 250 ml Dm water ~5 grams glucose ~5 grams caustic flakes ~A pinch of Indigo Carmine Hope you guys enjoy the video.
2 years ago - 952 views
cystoscopy indigo carmine Obermair
Indigo carmine is useful to stain the urine and identify urinary jets from ureteric orifices. While it does not exclude all ureteric injures, it is mi...
7 years ago - 1,103 views
The Blue Bottle Experiment
NOTE: I say and write 10mL dextrose, but i mean 10g. There is clearly a bag of solid dextrose there. I have no idea how I messed that up!
5 years ago - 278,271 views
Making indigo and dyeing jeans blue
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4 years ago - 938,122 views
Screening colonoscopy. Acetic acid and indigocarmine for serrated colonic lesions
Usefulness of combined chromoscopy with acetic acid and indigocarmine for diagnosis of flat serrated lesion of ascending colon. Lesion was removed by ...
5 years ago - 710 views
Indigo Carmine Chemical Traffic Light
Indigo carmine is a water-soluble blue food coloring that turns green under alkaline conditions. When glucose is introduced into the solution, the dye...
4 years ago - 224 views
Color reaction - indigo carmine #berlin_chemist
Traffic light reaction with indigo carmine and sodium hydroxide solution.
4 years ago - 985 views
Aceticacid Indigocarmine Mixture(AIM) for early gastric cancers
03:01 A novel chromoendoscopic method using an acetic acid-indigocarmine mixture ...
13 years ago - 2,631 views
Chromoendoscopy for IBD- English
This video is supported by The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation This 27-minute, 2014 AV Award educational video describes the chromoendoscopy ...
8 years ago - 17,862 views
Must watch || Redox reaction || of indigo Carmine || chemistry for beginners || # short
Oxidation- reduction reaction of indigo Carmine In this reaction indigo Carmine change its colours, when it is mixed with glucose and NaOH. Indigo Car...
4 months ago - 1,435 views
Indigo Carmine
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Indigo Carmine · Luke's Anger Rub 'n' Tiz' Zug ℗ 2008 Luke Sanger Released on: 2008-04-21 Producer: L...
7 years ago - 465 views
Semáforo Quimico. Experimento. Reacción Redox
Semáforo químico es una serie de reacciones químicas de óxido reducción (redox) en las que cambiamos el estado de oxidación del carmín de índi...
4 years ago - 181,723 views
Marking after indigocarmine chromoendoscopy for gastric cancer of the angle
Evaluation of the lesion margin is very important. I usually use i-scan and chromoendoscopy.
2 years ago - 134 views

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