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What's It Like Working at Indigo? | Working in a Bookstore Q&A
I currently work as a Customer Experience Representative (CER), Operations at a large format, new concept Indigo (the largest Canadian book retailer).
1 year ago - 4,216 views
How To Get Hired At A Bookstore!
SUNDAY SPECIAL LIVE CHAT TOPIC: WRITE IN! ===== WordNerd Links Website: Twitter: Facebook: ....
4 years ago - 10,923 views
My Favorite Book Store In Canada. Indigo | Chapters 📚
Canada's biggest bookstore. A place where every book lover must visit once. Beautiful store with friendly staff. They've got a great selection of book...
6 months ago - 814 views
Sometimes I just can't handle these questions... Watch in HD! Subscribe for more! :D Any books I should read? Recommend them below! Anything I should ...
6 years ago - 47,302 views
Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books and Music
Indigo Books and Music CEO Heather Reisman joins Amanda to discuss the company's ambitious and successful turn-around. It's been five years since the ...
7 years ago - 8,693 views
Indigo Store – Biggest Bookstore in Downtown Montreal – Place Montreal Trust #indigomontreal
indigo #downtownmontreal #bookstoremontreal Hello guys and welcome to my channel! Today, we will visit Canada's biggest bookstore – Chapters Indigo!
2 years ago - 3,191 views
Indigo Books & Music Cashier Job
We speak to a former cashier about working at Indigo Books & Music. Learn more about the bookstore cashier job and the interview process with the Cana...
8 years ago - 2,688 views
Watching tour in, Indigo, canada, Toronto,4k
Indigo Books & Music Inc., usually known as "Indigo" and stylized "!ndigo", is a Canadian bookstore chain. It is Canada's largest book, gift and speci...
2 years ago - 1,473 views
Indigo Chapters Bookstore in Langley
Beautiful store with friendly staff. Nicely laid out and a great Starbucks. The updates that they have done are beautiful. They've got a great selecti...
2 years ago - 825 views
COME BOOK SHOPPING WITH ME | Follow Me Around Book Haul
This video is sponsored by Chapters Indigo. All opinions are my own.* [ SHOP THIS HAUL ] The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan- ...
4 years ago - 415,662 views
Manga Shopping at Chapters
Giving you a real manga shopping experience at Chapters. I don't rush through the aisles, play background music and not talk or do any jump cuts. You ...
7 months ago - 2,994 views
UNBOXING: Indigo Book Box
Here's my unboxing of the most recent Indigo Book Box! I hope y'all enjoy & thanks for watching!! Indigo Book Box: ...
2 years ago - 2,007 views
أكبر محل كتب في كندا Indigo bookstore in Canada
كبر محل كتب في كندا Indigo bookstore in Canada.
2 years ago - 671 views
kids trip to indigo bookstore - #indigokids #indigobookstore #indigo #kidsfunday
nice to be out for kids, buying books for them.
9 months ago - 38 views
What I've learned while working in a bookstore
Follow me on Previous video Audio Credit Rubber Ball...
6 years ago - 134,435 views
Shop with us at indigo books 📚
1 month ago - 45 views
Manga Shopping at Indigo (vlog + mini-haul)
In this video, I take you guys manga shopping with me at my local Indigo bookstore (Canadian equivalent of Barnes & Noble) and share a small manga hau...
2 months ago - 1,134 views
Indigo Bookstore Easter Haul
I got a new Wellie Wisher outfit and some great Easter children's book as well as a FREE book from Indigo Bookstores! Merch: ...
4 years ago - 450 views
Bookstore & Coffee Shop Ambience - Bookstore Sounds, Cafe ASMR, Jazz Music, Bookshop Ambience
Welcome to our bookstore & cafe where you can purchase a book, order coffee, enjoy your coffee while reading your new favorite book. Imagine you are i...
11 months ago - 84,915 views
أرقى وأفخم أدوات ومستلزمات المكتب وافكار للهدايا. The finest office supplies. Indigo bookstore canad
أرقى وأفخم أدوات ومستلزمات المكتب وافكار للهدايا. The finest office supplies. Indigo bookstore canad.
2 years ago - 926 views
Indigo, Canadian biggest bookstore. Video-tour in Russian
Canada reads in Indigo-style Camera credit - Olga Rodionova.
5 years ago - 1,010 views
Downtown Montreal Piano Player AMAZES the public at Indigo Bookstore
A humble Parisian man decides to play the public piano at Indigo downtown. I later asked his name. His name is Christophe and he can play the piano li...
5 years ago - 11,180 views
Gordon Ramsay - Indigo Bookstore (1 of 2)
At cookbook signing.
14 years ago - 801 views
Gordon Ramsay - Indigo Bookstore (2 of 2)
At cookbook signing.
14 years ago - 407 views
Chapters Bookstore
13 years ago - 2,088 views
Indigo Bookstore Book of the Month Discussion with Heather Reissman Canada
Becoming Mrs. Lewis was chosen as the July 2019 Book Club Pick with CEO Heather Reissman. This instagram live video gives us a taste of that evening.
2 years ago - 171 views

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