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Back in the 2000's Ikea offered the "Jerker" series of desks. This particular model was the most traditional with a large flat surface ...
2 years ago - 5,060 views
My review of the best desk ever.
10 years ago - 10,963 views
3 years ago - 554 views
It's the best desk ever, the Ikea Jerker version 2, modded to have heavy-duty casters (they will even roll on carpet!) For everything ...
5 years ago - 3,929 views
Build Mnaul My eBooks ...
1 year ago - 2,020 views
Building my dream desk This is my video of how I built my dream desk. I wanted to have complete concealed wiring and add some ...
5 years ago - 5,483 views
Project for HRM 310.
1 year ago - 189 views
Welcome to this tour of my workspace and desk setup! This is the product of several years of optimization to create an ...
4 years ago - 60,684 views
5 years ago - 2,491 views
I bought this little Ikea computer desk, but it had some problems which I fixed with some modifications.
8 years ago - 416,453 views
This is my DIY LED project installed on my Ikea Jerker desk. There are four rows of 4ft strips mounted on bottom of each shelf (one ...
3 years ago - 583 views
Ikea Jerker computer desk for sale.. see ad on craigslist Los Angeles.
11 years ago - 2,182 views
I finally built my ultimate gaming setup! Thanks for checking out this build video; it was a lot of fun to make. Starting with an IKEA ...
8 months ago - 605 views
More about this Ikea Jerker desk hack here: ...
7 years ago - 7,334 views
My IKEA desk setup for a modern and minimalist home office desk in 2021. This is a great desk setup for students or if you are on ...
2 years ago - 705,947 views
We used the Alex drawers and Karlby countertop for this amazing IKEA desk hack!
9 months ago - 2,389 views
This video shows how to assemble a 3 piece, L shaped Effektiv IKEA work desk.
9 years ago - 11,223 views
This video is associated with a post about mounting a "a Powramid power center" to a leg of an Ikea Jerker standup desk.
5 years ago - 294 views
I recently built my dream desk setup for music production and this is the home studio desk setup tour video! I've always wanted to ...
2 years ago - 124,682 views
In this one I talk about my new Ikea Fredde desk and how well it does or doesn't work for me.
3 years ago - 8,610 views
Here's a video about my last desk project! Desk update here: Alan Jimenez's ...
5 years ago - 331,239 views
Great step by step instructions on how to make your Jarvis sit/stand desk mobile by putting it on wheels.
5 years ago - 11,415 views
Amazon Links Motorized Frame: Arrozi Chair: Recommended: ...
2 years ago - 40,015 views
Come with me throughout my day as I refinish my IKEA desk from over 5 years ago! A nice and easy weekend project that ...
5 years ago - 36,894 views
PÅHL Desk without shelf unit, white/blue 125x58 cm 303.64.81 Table size 125 x 58 cm ( 50 3/8 x 22 7/8") To purchase this ...
1 year ago - 8,425 views
Demonstration of the desk options at IKEA for laptops. Recorded with the Flip Ultra.
14 years ago - 8,760 views
IKea ALEX with Add-on Table 4/6/19.
3 years ago - 30,954 views
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